• Bad Habit

    Needle's fourth single in 2021 rocks your brain.

    New release November 8th, 2021 - "I am a man with a bad bad habit. I like to use my brain" The cynical lyrics of Bad Habit talk about the large amount of people dragged into sickness and misery by conspiracy crap and fake news. Maybe it's time they grew the bad habit of using their brain. Put the volume up and bang that head to shake our grey cells!

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Needle goes VELVET with KIKA Da Silva & Teuk Henri

Sunday November 21 at 5PM

Brasserie de la Mule - Brussels (B)

NEEDLE goes VELVET is a Nico tribute by Kika Da Silva & Needle. A cool original storytelling performance & semi-acoustic Velvet Underground set as in Andy Warhol's The Factory, New York late '60's.

Needle And The Pain Reaction, legendary Power Trio from Ghent and celebrating their 21 year anniversary in 2021 with a new singles & an upcoming album in 2022, still found the time for a wonderful side track project.

Together with artist, musician, guitarist Teuk Henri and inspired by Kika Da Silva, Photographer, Flamenco Danser, Video Director, Actress, Writer and Artist in Movement, Needle will pay tribute to Nico, German singer, songwriter, musician, model, and actress, but above all fragile muse for Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground. Needle will play Velvet Underground songs that once were carried by Nico's dark voice, not in their hometown, but in Ibiza (Spain), the island where she went on holiday in June 1988 to rest but died after having a stroke while cycling.

Though Nico her singing was quite extraordinary and unique, Kika Da Silva does an amazing job performing these songs on stage, backed by Needle's supercooled interpretation of these Velvet songs.

Needle goes Velvet featuring Kika Da Silva will not only play their best known songs such as Sunday Morning, All Tomorrow's Parties, Femme Fatale and more, but Kika will also tell stories from her turbulent life and inside gossip stories from The Factory where she spent her most extravagant years in the company of John Cale, Lou Reed, and many more legends from that era.

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New release: Greta

Greta. A few years ago, that name stopped being a name and became a battle cry in our global fight for survival. A fragile girl facing the established political crocodiles without any fear nor restraint – how more punk can you be? So we pay tribute and obeisance to one of the most influential human beings we have around us. Here’s Greta. No more words needed.

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One To Fight For on Luminous Dash

Dutch review of our single One To Fight For by Ann Cnockaert.

"One To Fight For slaat in als een bom. Beukende drums en vooral fantastische gitaarriffen. De voorstuwende kracht die uitgaat van het nummer zorgt ervoor dat het onmogelijk is om te blijven stilzitten.

Het nummer vertelt over de instabiele geestelijke gezondheid tijdens ontwrichtende tijden. Een schreeuw om empathie en zorg voor vrienden en vreemden die lijden onder plotselinge isolatie. Een observatie van sociale media lynchmenigten die hun zelfverzonnen waarheden uitschreeuwen.

Na 21 jaar klinken Needle And The Pain Reaction nog steeds als een frisse jonge energieke rockband met een DIY attitude om U tegen te zeggen."

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Backfire on Luminous Dash

Dutch review of our single Backfire by Wouter De Sutter.

"Nieuwe single van het powertrio dat vorig jaar – net voor de eerste lockdown – de twintigste lente van Needle And the Pain Reaction kon vieren. In De Roes, de rock-‘n-roll catacombe pal in het Gentse stadscentrum, én in goed gezelschap, dat spreekt voor zich. Backfire, het eerste nieuwe werk sinds de release van het tweeluik Porcupine/Paper Trails (2017), stelt niet teleur."

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